Why Teach about Propaganda?

A few reasons why educators around the world see the need to bring propaganda education into both formal and information learning with people of all ages:

  • Propaganda comes in many new forms due to the rise of social media
  • Propaganda that we agree with may seem like information, news or entertainment – it’s can be hard to recognize
  • Because propaganda activates strong emotions, people tend not to critically analyze it – they just react to it
  • Advertising and public relations are major industries that are dedicated to shaping public opinion and students of all ages need to understand how they work
  • Propaganda is part of the democratic process and learning about propaganda is part of citizenship education
  • Too many people think propaganda happened only in 20th century Germany and fail to see how it is operating in the world today
  • Propaganda can destabilize people’s trust, create confusion and distort perceptions
  • People face real risks and potential harms that result from the impact of propaganda on people’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors