Romanian teachers and librarians recommend Mind Over Media

In a world of information overload and easy access to various online social media platforms, the workshop ‘Propaganda for Critical Thinking’ has been very well received by educators in Romania. As soon as Mediawise Society published its training offer, a high number of schools and public libraries promoted it within their network and have invited us to deliver the training sessions at their premises.

Over 120 teachers and librarians from Bucharest and other Romanian cities attended ‘Propaganda for Critical Thinking’ and found the Mind Over Media method of teaching about propaganda very useful and inspiring.

The workshop structure was very intensive. In 4 hours, teachers and librarians:

  • debated various definitions of propaganda;
  • analyzed examples of contemporary propaganda (both local and foreign);
  • commented on various propaganda techniques used in online messages, images and videos;
  • worked in teams to discuss and upload propaganda examples.

They used the Mind Over Media digital platform to browse and vote the impact of Romanian propaganda identified by other users and also uploaded their own examples. The Romanian version of the platform now hosts over 100 local examples and will continue to be used as an educational resource.

Check out Romanian propaganda here!

By attending the workshops, teachers and librarians not only strengthened their digital abilities, but also their critical thinking skills and the habit of questioning information.

‘The workshop facilitates communication and an easy-going environment. The questions help you get more in touch with your own beliefs, with the truth and an objective view of what is happening around us’ –  Iulia Perju, English language teacher in Bucharest


‘This workshop is an invaluable resource for teachers. It offers lessons, educational materials and an interactive online platform that can be used in the classroom’ – Ana Maria Ghioc, English language teacher in Bucharest.


‘After we learn how propaganda works and how to identify it, we can teach our students what we have learned at the workshop’ – Emilian Colceru, History teacher in Bucharest.

Have a look behind the scenes! See our video about MOM workshops and testimonials from teachers


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