Mind over Media in Brussels

During these last project weeks, many of our project partners are sharing their thoughts and findings from their country on the blog. But we also want to share that the Mind over Media consortium has been very active and present in Brussels in these final stages!

On November 13, Mind over Media in EU was present at Fight Disinformation with Media Literacy, a Media Meets Literacy initiative by the Evens Foundation, organised with the Media & Learning Association and supported by the European Commission (Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology).  The event welcomed almost 70 participants from 20 countries. Through workshops and quickfire talks, speakers and participants shared a variety of hands-on tools and methods to tackle topics such as propaganda, disinformation and fake news in formal and non-formal learning contexts. The whole consortium participated to the event and shared good practices. A video report of the event will be coming up at a later date.


Mind over Media in EU was one of 4 approaches presented in a dedicated workshop – highlighting the opportunities of our multilingual platform, with a focus on intellectual curiosity and cross-cultural understanding. Renee Hobbs led the workshop, choosing examples shared by our project partners to show the potential of our approach in enabling cross-cultural conversations.

The Mind over Media in EU team followed this event by a team meeting the next day, to discuss future plans to continue working on the topic of propaganda analysis. More workshops and webinars are already planned, and it’s clear that even though the project itself will come to an end soon, the practice definitely won’t!

And finally, on December 11, Lana Ciboci was invited to present the Croatian activities of Mind over Media in EU at the meeting of the Media Literacy Expert Group hosted by the European Commission. Experts and policy makers from all EU member states are invited to this meeting, to share knowledge and good practice on media literacy. There was a particular interest in the Association for Communication and Media Culture’s work with refugees and migrants, both in hosting workshops with them in Kutina (see previous blog post), but also in analyzing propaganda on migrants.


We are glad with the opportunities offered to share our project outcomes with policy makers and practitioners in these past few months. We can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring!

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