Great project, tools and recognition!

Its already December, and our pilot project will be finished very soon, so this is a good moment for a short summary before New Year’s resolutions.

The Polish edition of “Mind Over Media. School of critical thinking” was really well received among media educators and teachers. There was a big interest in MOM methodology and we were often invited to run workshops for various groups and present our tools of media interpretation. We appeared on the newspapers, radio, blogs and social media and we have made ourselves visible in the world of digital and media literacy trainers. We have created a number of lesson plans and analysis, made and translated a lot of infographics and educational materials, partnered up with Warsaw University and schools, but we wanted more!

photo: Medialna EduAkcja – media education conference in Warsaw, Sławomir Skrzeczyński / Highlights Pictures

That is why we have decided to change the formula a little bit and focus on teacher training to spread the idea and the method. We have invited 10 trainers from all over the country on an intense 2 days’ workshop, where we have presented the program, platform and tools. We have also invited experts such as Marcin Napiórkowski PhD, a semiotician and a popular author, who is tracing fake news and myths of late capitalism. After the workshop asked the participants  to conduct at least one 3-hours long training, basing on our scenario, for teachers and educators in their home towns and regions. That is how we have reached more than 13 localizations and informed teaches, university students, parents, school children, media educators and artists (such as popular rapper – philosopher named Mikser). We have also asked three teachers who were among our trainees to run a pilot project in their schools and check how the children reacted to our materials.

photo: Medialna EduAkcja – media education conference in Warsaw, Sławomir Skrzeczyński / Highlights Pictures

Now we are running two webinars and recording an educational film on how to use the platform and our tools for teachers and students, and working on the final infographic summing up our experiences. The tools we have translated and developed such as Media Literacy Smartphone were very much appreciated by the participants of the project, and we are thinking a lot about next steps to disseminate the ideas of Mind Over Media in Poland even more.

Thank you for this experience!

Maja Dobiasz-Krysiak

Project coordinator in Center for Citizenship Education, Warsaw, Poland




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