Propaganda Analysis for Migrants in Croatia

mindovermediaCroatia is the first country in EU to build a curricula on propaganda for asylum seekers and migrants, on three different languages: English, Arabic and Croatian.

by Igor Kanižaj

Within the Mind Over Media in EU program we are happy to have the opportunity to provide new approach to propaganda analysis. The workshop will be implemented this month by Association for Communication and Media Culture (DKMK) as one of the project partners. DKMK is the biggest Croatian NGO in media education field. In last seven years we have organized and implemented more than 700 workshops for more than 17.000 participants throughout Croatia.

In 2015 Croatia was one of the countries on “Balkan Route.” This is the term used for journey of more than one million migrants through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia in search for their new life and security. In 2017 students from Faculty of Political Science and five different countries participated in the project “Balkan Bridges: Bringing Together Journalism Students to Enhance Mutual Understanding and Promote Tolerance and Diversity” coordinated by Faculty of Political Science and Arizona State University, and financed by US Embassy in Croatia. This project has produced new educational resources for journalist on the web site

With MoM in EU we are coming back to the Balkan Route in the official Croatian Center for asylum seekers in town of Kutina.

Students of Journalism in
Reporters in Center for asylum seekers in Kutina, Croatia. Source:

In a one-day workshop for asylum seekers and their families we will give them the opportunity to reflect on the experience they had in traveling through so many countries. While travelling they faced propaganda in mainstream media on several occasions. In the workshop they will learn, comment, discuss and reflect on contemporary propaganda examples from different perspective. They will also learn how to recognize and evaluate propaganda through media representations. We  have prepared a workshop where they will learn on three different languages how to fight propaganda narrative that could be found in media. This approach could be used in most of the countries where migrants have found a new life and a new beginning.

Croatian team is also finalizing workshops for children, teachers, parents, and librarians of propaganda in advertising, fake news and disinformation, but also on hate speech. Most of the activities will be organized in September and October with migrants workshop as a kick off in May 2018.

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