Etat Trompeur in Tunisia

Screenshot 2017-12-14 09.55.39.pngOverview. A workshop for teachers on propaganda education sponsored in honor of the opening of the Etat Trompeur exhibit at the National Library of Tunisia. Our host is Habib Kazdaghli of the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities at the University of Manouba, Tunisia. The event is sponsored by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Presenter: Renee Hobbs, Media Education Lab University of Rhode Island USA


  1. Why Teach about the Past, Present and Future of Propaganda?
  2. ACTIVITY #1 Working with a partner, try to define some of these terms:
    • Propaganda
    • Human Rights
    • Genocide
    • Prejudice
    • Persuasion
  3. Key features of Propaganda
    • Activates Strong Emotions
    • Responds to Audience Needs and Values
    • Simplifies Information
    • Attacks Opponents
  4. ACTIVITY #2: Review these examples of Nazi propaganda to identify how key features are used.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5. Introduce Mind Over Media: Analyzing Contemporary Propaganda

6. More Key Ideas about Propaganda

A. Propaganda can be beneficial or harmful

B. Encountering different  interpretations of contemporary propaganda cultivates multi-perspectival thinking and promotes respect for diverse opinions and civic dialogue as part of the democratic process

C. Propaganda doesn’t always work: its effectiveness depends on a number of factors including the context, means of communication, and techniques used

7. ACTIVITY #3. Working with a partner, explore the Mind Over Media website and view, rate and discuss 3 examples of contemporary propaganda. After rating, use the comment tool to offer a comment on one example. The website is:

7. ACTIVITY #3. View and discuss:

8. Conclusions and Reflections

  • Why is it important to teach about propaganda in Tunisia?
  • Can you introduce the lessons we demonstrated today to your students? Why or why not?
  • Studying the topic of propaganda ignites intellectual curiosity. What questions do you have or what would you like to learn more about?


PRESENTATION SLIDES – please download, modify and use!



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