We’re sharing strategies for teaching and learning about contemporary propaganda as inspired by the ever-changing world of news, entertainment, advertising, and social media.

Whether you are a college professor, classroom teacher, working in formal education or in an afterschool or adult education program, you know that teaching about 21st century propaganda is both exhilarating and challenging.

With the support of the Evens Foundation in Belgium, we have formed International Working Group to focus on media literacy and propaganda. Members include the Evens Foundation (BE), Mediawijs, the Belgian media literacy non-profit organization, Mediawijzer, the Dutch media literacy non-profit organization, the Centre for Citizenship Education in Warsaw, Poland, Mediawise Society, the Romanian organization, the Finnish Media Literacy Association, & StreetPress, a French media literacy non-profit organization. Each partner will offer teacher education trainings in their home countries to support the use of the Mind Over Media global website in formal and informal education programs.

In the meantime, email RENEE HOBBS at hobbs@uri.edu if you’d like to contribute a guest post about your experiences teaching and learning about contemporary propaganda.

After using Mind Over Media, take 3 minutes to complete this brief survey so we can improve the website to meet your needs. 

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  1. Hi! I love your site and I’m using to teach propaganda in my high school classroom. I’m wondering, though, why I’m unable to see the comments others have left on videos (or my own comments, for that matter). Is there a trick to revealing these comments?


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